[Word] 長的很像的字


compliment => n. 讚美的話; 恭維; 敬意[(+on)]

vt. 讚美; 恭維; 祝賀[(+on)]

compensate => vt. vi 補償, 賠償; 酬報[(+for)]


consummate => vt. 完成; 實現; 使完美 ; 圓房, 完婚

adj. 完美的; 圓滿的; 絕頂的


[Phrase] 介系詞整理

be included in => 包含在...之中

be known as 被稱為...

be known to 為... 所知

be known for 以...著稱

call ... to order 召集...開會

on account of + N = because of + N

plenty of  => 要加of


Plenty of can be used before an uncountable noun or a plural noun. Do not say 'a plenty of' :

There is plenty of evidence of poverty (NOT a plenty of evidence).

You will have plenty of opportunities to improve your skills.

Do not say 'there is plenty of things/places etc'. Say there are plenty of things/places etc :

There are plenty of restaurants nearby.

Do not say that a place or thing 'is plenty of something'. Say that it is full of something :

The garden is full of interesting shrubs and trees.